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About Me

Welcome to my online portfolio and resume. I am currently a Software Engineer and ScrumMaster at FactorTrust.

I grew up in Augusta, Georgia, playing sports including soccer, football, tennis, golf, and baseball. My interest in computer science began when I entered high school. I became interested in programming graphing calculators. I started by learning TI-BASIC and assembly. My passion was driven by my exposure to college-level computer science courses through my brother. I began to develop web sites and build random utility applications. Between my junior and senior year in high school, the principal of the school asked me to rebuild the school's website. I accepted and built a small content management system so that all teachers in the school could post homework and schedules.

I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Computer Science and Cooperative Work Assignment. For my cooperative work assignment, I worked for Ross Systems which was purchased by CDC Software during my tenure. I began my co-op maintaining the corporate website and intranet website. After becoming experienced, I began developing utilities for the intranet and integrating our support forums with ListServ email replies. My last term with Ross Systems, I rebuilt the entire corporate website and intranet to better handle the content management needs. After leaving, I remained a contractor for minor maintenance requests.

After graduating in August 2008, I joined Hewlett-Packard to work in the Application Security Center. This department was formed out of a company purchase of SPI Dynamics, Inc. and provided a web application security assessment suite. Personally, I worked on the AMP team which was responsible for delivering an enterprise level management web application that would allow typically unreachable scanners to communicate with a centralized operation.

On the side, I have contracted for Stach & Liu to build a Google/Bing Search Hacking Scanning tool. After Stach & Liu presented this tool, SearchDiggity, to multiple security conferences including BlackHat, the security industry acclaimed the utility of this software. Ever since, Stach & Liu has contracted my services to improve this application and develop new applications. SearchDiggity can be downloaded here. A new tool, HackingAlerts, is not yet available, but will be downloadable from the same web page.

I left Hewlett-Packard to join a small credit reporting agency, FactorTrust. Our system is a high-volume transactional system that allows lenders to integrate into a web service. Lenders will make an inquiry by posting to this web service and receiving data back in roughly 1.5 seconds. The data they receive includes data about each service ran, business rule evaluations, and a predictive score. I worked with another coworker to increase the speed, scalability, and security of the system utilizing LINQ, PLINQ, and other .NET 4 libraries. I have made numerous enhancements to the development process including a transition to Scrum, continuous integration, and upgrading the website project to a web application project. All of these improvements to the company have increased productivity, mitigated risks, increased revenue, and removed nearly all deployment surprises.

My current development interests are in Silverlight, WPF, and WCF. I am always interested in contracting positions and side jobs. Refer to my contact information in the upper right corner.